MTV News Jerk Calls Sessions A Racist While ‘Apologizing’ For Mocking His Asian Grandkids

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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MTV News’ Ira Madison offered a Thursday apology “statement” for mocking Jeff Sessions’ Asian grandchildren earlier in the week.

Jeff Sessions sits with his granddaughter (Getty Images)

Jeff Sessions sits with his granddaughter (Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Madison tweeted that Sessions was using his granddaughter as a “prop” during his Senate confirmation hearing, a message Madison admitted “distracted from the more serious matter at hand,” namely that Jeff Sessions is a racist. (RELATED: MTV News Host Mocks Sessions’ Asian Granddaughter)

“Sessions placed his Asian American granddaughter on his lap,” Madison wrote on Thursday. “I made a joke alluding to the irony of a 70 year old career politician placing his post-millennial, multi-racial granddaughter on his lap to shield himself from criticism of his long standing record… but what was intended to be a provocative joke about Sessions’ record put his family in the crossfire and for that I am sorry.”

“I — and many many other Americans — genuinely believe that Jeff Sessions’ deeply troubling past on issues relating to race and immigration are disqualifying and look forward to holding him and other potential members of Donald Trump’s administration accountable for their actions,” he continued. “Going forward, we cannot be distracted from Sessions’ history, the histories of many of the men and women Trump wishes to appoint to his administration, or the online rhetoric designed to shut down debate and intimidate and terrify with violent threats and fear of doxxing.”

Jeff Sessions sits with his granddaughter (Getty Images)

Jeff Sessions sits with his granddaughter (Getty Images)

Madison closed by stating his writing will remain devoted to being a douche “justice and I look forward to seeking it out wherever I can in the next four years and beyond.”

Madison’s Tuesday comments received universal criticism. (RELATED: Jake Tapper Internet Murders MTV News Guy Who Mocked Sessions’ Asian Granddaughter)

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