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Journo Hate Mail: Readers Appalled By A Headline, Question My Upbringing

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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After I wrote about Tiffany Trump‘s hairdo ordeal Tuesday, some readers let me have it with both barrels.

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Photo credit: Shutterstock.


The backstory: Marla Maples, Tiffany’s mother and President-elect Donald Trump‘s second wife, tried to get a free blow dry for Tiffany for Friday’s inauguration. The short story is the whole idea failed miserably, the hairstylist was offended and shut down the idea. But worse, the hairstylist horribly made it public by leaking the info to The Washington Post.

Poor Tiffany and Marla, right?

So I wrote it up. My apparently risqué headline: “Marla Maples Demands Free Inauguration Blow Job For Tiffany.”

Readers wrote in to share their feelings.

Sharon Adam writes, “Was the trashiest I have read on Daily Caller which is quickly becoming a real trash rag.”

Jerry Bockmuller was especially upset. “Hey girl,” he says in the subject line. Okay, call me “girl” what do I care? Inside his email he gets right to the point: “Just read your headline, did you take any journalism classes? There is a difference between witty and stupid. Never write anything on your knees, it doesn’t become you.”

Not sure what Mr. Bockmuller was getting at there. But I’m not sure I want to know.

After I told him he was just one of many assholes on the internet, Carol Buckmuller (presumably his wife who shares Jerry’s same email) wrote, “Yeah, stay classy asshole, ill [sic] bet your family is sooo proud.”

@Dnorman8816  also didn’t appreciate my headline. He wrote, “Why the misleading (false) tabloid title to your slam piece on Marla Maples? It is tough to take you or the Daily Caller seriously when thus is all you have to offer.”

Shannon McLucas was also displeased: “OK for someone who is supposed to be professional. You’re trash! Who writes that kind of headline? Show some fucking decorum for Christ sakes. You’re on social media. Jesus Christ Grow Up! You should write the entire family for being a gutter snipe!”

I replied, “Wait…so your idea is that I should write the entire Trump family? That’s a terrible idea — and stupid. But thanks for writing in! Have a blessed day.”

McLucas wasn’t finished with me. She continued, “Not as stupid and low class as you are! Read the posts sunshine all they’re saying is that you’re trash. Hey it’s your reputation that you destroyed not mine. You are the epitome of ignorance. Good luck at McDonalds. I will post this on the site so everyone can see your true colors.”

I encouraged her to post whatever she likes.

She replied, “You are pure trash!”

Cindy Spitler was probably the most antagonistic conversation I had about the whole thing.

She wrote, “Why would you write such a ridiculous article? You not [sic] a reporter or a journalist and such garbage is disrespectful and undignified. Grow up and get a respectable job!”

At this point in the barrage of hatred coming my way, I took a shot at her surname: “I think I’m more embarrassed for you that your last name is Spitler,” I wrote her. “Ugh.”

She, too, told me to “grow up.”

“Grow up Betsy,” Spitler said. “Did your parents send you to college to participate in such garbage?”

In fact, Cindy,  — yes, my parents did send me to college.

Martha Ritter took aim at my hair. She wrote, “Speaking of getting your hair done.”


But probably the meanest response came from @WhtPwrRngr14. He wrote, “Your fake news. Stupid Zionist Bitch. Have fun in Trumps [sic] America.”