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Morning Mirror: Donald Trump’s Big Day Has Arrived

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“T minus 12 hours to oblivion.”

Michael Tracey, formerly at VICE, now a self-described “roving journalist” on Thursday night at midnight.



ANONYMOUS TEXT INTO THE MIRROR: “How pissed is Ivanka that Tiff also wore all white? Also, Hillz. Everyone in all white. Which is symbolic of all the faces in the crowd.”

Th Observer: ‘Everyone needs to chill the fuck out’

“Is it just me, or does everyone need to chill the fuck out? I’ve spent a good part of today cringing while I read Facebook posts from both sides that are so full of distasteful hyperbole I could blow chunks. Not everyone needs or wants to see your second by second play by plays of Trump hero worship, OR chicken-little-panic-attack-the sky-is-falling-come-Friday-bullshit. Get a fucking grip people. Pull up your britches and get the Hell on with it. Step out of the bubble for five seconds and realize, far more important things are happening around the world while we sit and argue about politics from our comfy perches.
#MeetTheNewBossSameAsTheOldBoss” — Kate Brown, a Washington, D.C. consultant who runs Buzz By Brown.

And now a comment from The Ellen Show’s executive producer…

“To my Republican family/friends: I obviously think he is awful. However, for many of you tomorrow is a big day & I wish you only the best!” — Andy Lassner, executive producer of “The Ellen Show.”

BuzzFeed reporter gets in tangle with Martin Shrkeli

“Martin Shrkeli’s here. Asked him about Twitter ban. Told me I looked like a douchebag & said he’d rather crack his beer bottle over my head.” — Charlie Warzel, senior technology writer, BuzzFeed. (Shrkeli is a pharmaceutical exec who raised the price on a lifesaving drug and became widely hated for it. Despite all that, he was absolutely mobbed at The Daily Caller‘s Hay Adams Inauguration party Tuesday night with guests who wanted to meet him.)

Journalist does not have high hopes for Trump presidency

“No modern pres. candidate before Trump ever won w/ a campaign of such hate, fear, anger & insult. Unlikely he will govern any differently.” — David Corn, editor-in-chief, Mother Jones.

Joan Walsh wants Hillary in the Women’s march

“Unimaginable that Women’s March organizers left Clinton off list of honorees. Also unimaginable she wouldn’t march because of that. What I think: Hillary Clinton will slide into the march next to fantastic women, and just march, because we must, and she knows that.” — Joan Walsh, national affairs correspondent, The Nation.

Travel Bitches: NBC’s Chuck Todd annoyed in traffic 

“The number of drivers who think they can cut in front of you when you decide to NOT block and intersection is astonishing. #learntoddrice #learntoDRIVE. Apologies for the hash tag typo.”

Eavesdrop Café

“I’m at a bar and I just heard an NYU student say to another NYU student that her paper on Kim Kardashian last semester got an A-.” — Brandon Wenerd, BroBible.

Journo Hate Mail: Readers Still Angry I Compared Tiffany Trump To Honey Boo Boo 

Here’s the Separated at Birth that made these (mostly) women apoplectic: CLICK.

Dinah Parker: “Stop with your mean and vicious remarks! Do you call this journalism! You are a disgrace to your profession. Gonna try and get you off FB.” The Mirror replied: Dinah….I’m so sorry I’ve upset you. Was not my intention. I love your name! You don’t hear ‘Dinah’ too often. Is someone in the kitchen with you?”

Grace Fields writes, “You are a piece of trash there is no place bad enough for you. How dare you put down Mr. Trump’s daughter. Shame on you. You really belong to the family of Honey Boo Boo.” The Mirror replied: “I am not in Honey Boo Boo’s family. You can check”

Kathy Hanley: “Classless and mean spirited ma’am. I will skip articles with your byline.”

Sharon Adam from Grapevine, Texas writes, “I read Daily Caller articles from Facebook and have read several of your writings…the latest is about Tiffany Trump looking like Honey Boo Boo. You are not a journalist, you are a nasty tabloid writer with little imagination. Nothing of your spewing has been news or worth knowing and I wonder why Daily Caller keeps you employed – or do you write for free? Regardless, you have decided for me to end my relationship with Daily Caller just cant [sic] waste my time on this nonsense.”

Debra Outlaw writes, “You are a bad person. Your attempt to link Tiffany Trump to Honey Boo Boo was sick. I looked to see if there was an overwhelming resemblance that maybe couldn’t be denied, but, NOPE. No resemblance at all. So, it was desperate and wrong. You are a bad person, and of that, I am sure. You are a terrible person.” The Mirror replied: “Actually…I think you are a bad and terrible person for writing me and telling me that I am a bad a terrible person. Think long and hard about that, Debra.”

Lisa Crane writes, “You call yourself a reporter. OK. Anyone can call themselves that. What you are NOT is a journalist.
Journalists have a duty to report truths and hold all accountable while informing the public. I get it. You need attention. It’s what arrogant intolerant hypocrite liberals do when they have an outlet to spew. Making fun of someone on social media, and that is exactly your intention, is a hate crime? Could you share along side of your insult to Tiffany Trump, one of the Obama girls and rate her to someone or something to give pleasure to mean people and make her feel bad? Please. And I doubt it because we both know what would happen to you in your public “reporting”. Shame on you but you don’t care
about your own shame. You probably think you are the opposite of Honey Boo Boo. In some eyes
you are just taller. As a person though, you are much smaller. Oh, Karma, come.” The Mirror replied: “Yeah, let’s get the Karma coming for you too for sending me this ridiculous message. Please find your brain and your sense of humor — and fast. I probably technically am taller than Honey Boo Boo.”

Nancy Cooper writes, “You nasty ass bitch, as ugly as your skank ass is, I wouldn’t say anything about someone else’s looks. You nasty, evil woman.” The Mirror replied: “Thanks for writing in Nancy. You’re a real charmer. P.S. Technically I never said anything about anyone’s looks. I simply compared two women: Tiffany Trump as a child and Honey Boo Boo. So STFU.” Cooper shot back: “So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU. So STFU.”

Freda Beach writes, “Grow up little girl. You are NOT a reporter. Try writing your garbage for the Enquirer! Maybe TMZ needs a trash writer! Let’s see you compare the prescious [sic] little Obama girls like this. Got guts?” The Mirror replied: “Are you sure your last name isn’t bitch? So close to ‘beach.'” Beach replied: “Yes I’m the biggest BITCH you ever hear from! I’m damn proud of it too. Look in the mirror before you call someone else out on their looks. You freaking ugly Obama /Killary troll! Bite me little bitch! Your not even close to human! Now feel better. The word bitch makes me happy. Glad I got under your skin. Pretty thin at that! Sell your garbage to someone else! Got ya!” The Mirror replied: “Listen, bitch, I’m glad you so identify with the word bitch and that it makes you ‘happy.’ Whatever floats your boat. I try to write back to every reader who writes me. Sorry to burst your bubble but your bitchy email did not upset me. I love hearing from readers. Even the angry ones.”

Andrew Ross writes, “I suppose you feel it’s empowering to call someone’s child ‘white trash.’ Thanks for exemplifying the disgusting nature of the leftist media. You keep proving our point.”

Sabrina Lowry writes, “You’re a real piece of garbage.”

Sharon Jones writes, “What a piece of garbage you are for your obscene comments about Tiffany Trump. Consequences will come upon you. You must be a very angry, depressed soul to find pleasure in treating another female this way. Pure evil. Thought presidential kids were off limits – bet you never spoke like this about Obamas girls!” The Mirror replied: “Ms. Jones, first off, please try to calm down. If the Obama girls looked like Honey Boo Boo, I’d have done a Separated at Birth on them. But they look nothing like her.”


“I’m committed to being less grouchy and being more nihilistic. I guess. Doesn’t really matter.” — RedState‘s Ben Howe.

Awkward Encounters 

“When @DanaPerino is on your flight and you don’t want to bother her to say hello… But will do so on Twitter.” — Jessica Arp, CBS, Madison, Wis.

“Trump’s aides say he wrote his inauguration speech himself. It’s like watching a baby use the big person toilet for the first time.” — Chelsea Handler, Netflix, comedian.

“The only speaker I want at my funeral is Bernie Sanders, and I want him to speak for 90 minutes about oligarchies.” — John Ladarola, cohost of “The Young Turks.”

The TV Critic 

“My choices to top the list of meaningless words every writer (or TV talker) should avoid: ‘Rather’ and ‘quite.'” — Bryan Burrough, writer, Vanity Fair.