Shrieking For The Globalist Oligarchy

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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The everyday Americans who turned out in record numbers to vote for Donald Trump last November are busy people. We are the taxpayers, the small business owners, the manual laborers and the professionals who subsidize the unproductive and the parasitic in this country. President Trump calls us ‘the forgotten people’, and the label is apt. The coastal elites of America had long ceased to notice that we exist, except when establishment Republicans needed another two years in Washington. All that has now changed.

What everyday Americans had looked forward to was the end of that bitter presidential campaign so we could get on with the business of making America great again. Sadly, that was not to be. The liberal establishment is making sure that the bitterness, division and hostility of the election carry forward into President Trump’s first term.

This venomous attitude was on brazen display in the White House itself during the first interview given by President Trump since he took office. ABC anchor David Muir’s tone throughout was condescending and disrespectful, interjecting his opinion throughout what is usually a soft piece so that the American people can come together around a new president. Muir made it clear to the viewer that, as far as the establishment media is concerned, the left will not accept the decision of the American people last November. The contrast with the worshipful deference Obama received from the liberal elite could not be clearer.

The manic rage of liberals was also on show last weekend when hundreds of thousands of hysterical feminists shrieked their way through the nation’s capital. Despite children being present, many even dressed up like genitals. The highlight for those in attendance was an expletive-laden diatribe by aged popper Madonna which proposed a ‘revolution of love’ against a president she clearly hates.

In true Marxist fashion, Madonna’s rhetoric was filled with such Stalinesque flourishes as ‘revolution,’ ‘solidarity,’ ‘sacrifice’ and ‘blowing up the White House.’

There was no substance at all to any of what the 58-year-old had to say. It was a series of tired, meaningless catchphrases that New Left radicals have been using to stir up the young, the impressionable and the deranged since Woodstock.

For some, the radical misandry, zealotry and vulgarity of the women’s march was not enough. Some in the transgender community were angry that the march was too straight. No doubt others complained that it was too white. This is the type of purity-spiraling common to totalitarian ideological movements; aspirants to power within the movement must out-signal each other in terms of their ideological commitment and willingness for the cause. This is how the Marxist left always becomes a carnival of lunatics. It is also how gulags happen.

The liberal media, of course, portrayed this march as a spontaneous uprising from middle Americans horrified by a Trump presidency. It was nothing of the sort. This women’s march was organized by the Corporate Action Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Behind all of the riots we have seen with increasing frequency in America in recent years is a shadowy network of these astroturf organizations, used by oligarchs like George Soros to disrupt American cities and influence political processes. They are a fifth column used by a tiny financial elite to engineer democracy to serve their own interests.

Like the peasants used by the Bolsheviks to seize power in Russia in 1917, those who participate in these 501(c)(3)-organized riots, marches and demonstrations across America are unaware of this hidden agenda. They are just ideological foot-soldiers who have been indoctrinated into the cult of Western Marxism.

The preoccupation with symbols over substance evident at the women’s march last weekend and in the talking points selected by the establishment media reveal the religious basis for the worldview of the American left. These people long ago gave up caring about how to improve the real lives of real people. Instead they care only about the sacrosanctity of their ideological idols and their ability to force the rest of America to conform to their worldview. Millions of Americans demonstrating last November that they will not submit to the left’s utopian delusions is driving them over the edge.

The type of dogmatic, inflexible and moralistic mentality we are seeing revealed across the left after the election of President Trump is a mindset better associated with the medieval period rather than the modern world. It is a collectivist mentality which is at odds with the principles of the Republic. It always leads to violence. Like all Marxists before them, the American left will not brook freedom of conscience or plainness of speech.

So blind with hatred are liberal elitists toward President Trump that they can’t see he is an effect, not the cause, of the uprising against them. Everyday people around the world are rising up against corrupt and decadent elites. Like all great political figures of history, President Trump is not making waves. He is riding one.

Since the Social Gospel movement of the Progressives a century ago the left in America have been religious zealots. Like all religious fanatics, they believe they are serving a higher moral purpose. This is how they hate so totally, think so irrationally and commit violence so easily. It’s not sane. As revealed by the vulgarity and obscenity of the women’s march, it also has nothing to do with Christianity. For as He showed us at the Tower of Babel, God is not a globalist.