Lewis Calls Out CNN Over Trump, Russia And Susan Rice Coverage [VIDEO]

Hrand Tookman Contributor
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On Wednesday night’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Matt Lewis pointed out a double standard regarding coverage of the Trump-Russia and Susan Rice stories.

New York Magazine’s Ryan Lizza had just said Rice is being “smeared with no evidence.”

“Normally if the President of the United States, any President of the United States, said they believe somebody had committed a crime, they would actually have something to back it up,” host Anderson Cooper added.


“The one person who has looked at these documents carefully has said 1) They were not about Russia and 2) There was nothing illegal,” Lizza continued.

“We have spent weeks talking about, speculating about, the possibility that Donald Trump or his campaign might have been coordinating with Russia,” Lewis, a former Daily Caller columnist, interjected. “Is there any evidence about that?”