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#NotAllMuslims Are Letting The Ladies Try Their Hand At Terrorism

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It’s 2017, people. A woman can be anything a man can be: a combat soldier, a Ghostbuster, a United States president… Well, scratch that last one. But how about an Islamic terrorist? Why can’t a woman become an Islamic terrorist? Why should the boys get to have all the fun?

Jacob Bojesson reports:

Three women were charged Thursday in what is believed to be Britain’s first all-female Islamist terror plot.

The women are accused of planning to murder “a person or persons unknown” between April 11 and April 28. Two of them wore burqas to court, but the judge forced them to remove their veils…

Sexism! Mansplaining!

I’m glad these brave women have exploded the glass ceiling of terrorism. We need to tell our young girls that they can be anything they want to be when they blow up. #wokeAF

(As always, I apologize to the LGBT community for the cisnormative language in this post. If I’ve misgendered any of these terrorists, I am truly sorry.)