Dem Rep Wants To Impeach Trump [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democratic Texas Rep. Al Green keeps calling for the impeachment of President Trump, so much so that he said “impeach” nine times in just two minutes during an MSNBC interview Monday night.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked Green why he thinks impeachment is a good idea, and Green spent nearly half of his answer providing a civics lesson on how impeachment works.

“My case for impeachment is this: first the American people have to understand what impeachment is. Impeachment does not mean that the president will be removed from office. It is merely the charging of the president in the House of Representatives,” Green explained.

“If the president is, in fact, impeached, then it goes to the Senate…but impeachment is all about having the president charged in the House.”

Green said he believes Trump has “obstructed justice” by firing James Comey and “threatening” him with tweets about video tapes, so “the president should be impeached.”

Hayes then asked if Congress will be able to get access to the tapes if they do exist.

“Well, if he’s impeached we will. And impeachment is really going to depend on the American people,” Green said, repeating his favorite word again.


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