White House Boasts Of Nearly 30,000 Criminal Aliens Arrested Since Trump Took Office

Marvin RECINOS / AFP / Getty Images

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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The Trump administration boasted Friday of the nearly 30,000 convicted criminal aliens Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has detained since Donald Trump became president.

The news comes as a turnaround from one year ago when it was reported that ICE released nearly 20,000 criminal illegal aliens under the Obama administration.

Upon entering office, Trump signed executive orders related to the enforcement of immigration laws and thousands have been arrested on charges ranging from homicide to sexual abuse.

According to the White House, nearly 90 percent of the aliens had prior criminal convictions that included domestic violence, battery, sex crimes, manslaughter, assault, arson, and cruelty to a child.

ICE officials in Southern California arrested nearly 200 persons Thursday, most of whom had prior criminal convictions. Within the group, 15 individuals were previously convicted of sex crimes, including a convicted rapist, an earlier deported cocaine trafficker and tw0 with child cruelty convictions.

Other arrests between February and April include an MS-13 gang member in New York, a Mexican citizen wanted for child molestation, and a murder suspect wanted in Mexico since 2011.

“Additionally, earlier this month, ICE detailed the results of its six-week nationwide gang apprehension operation, which resulted in the arrest of 384 illegal immigrants, as well as 61 foreign nationals voluntarily admitted into the country.  The arrests of these 445 foreign nationals include those arrested for homicide- or sexual crime-related charges,” the White House said in a statement.

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