Jane Sanders Lays Blame For GOP Shooting [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Jane Sanders, wife of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, pinned inflammatory rhetoric on the media and Republicans when CNN tried to connect the GOP shooting with her husband.

Sanders appeared on CNN Thursday and host Wolf Blitzer wasn’t letting her husband off the hook for potentially inspiring the GOP baseball shooter.

Blitzer played a clip of Sen. Sanders at a conference saying, “Today, in the White House, we have perhaps the worst and the most dangerous president in the history of our country.

“With hindsight, does he go too far speaking like that about the president?” Blitzer asked of Sanders’ rhetoric.

“I don’t think so, Wolf,” Sanders responded, before going into a long-winded rant about how her husband focuses on “the issues” while the GOP and the media promote inflammatory rhetoric and policies.

“Now, dangerous–I mean when you throw 23 million people off of healthcare without even a hearing, that’s dangerous,” she said. “We have to be able to discuss the issues without demonizing the opponent.”

“Honestly, Wolf, I think the media needs to look at itself as well,” she continued. “The media’s job is to illuminate the facts not fan the flames.”


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