Morning Joe: Reince And Bannon Behind Kushner Leaks

Peter Hasson Senior Reporter

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough thinks White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and chief of staff Reince Preibus are driving some of the leaks that are damaging Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The Washington Post ran a story late Thursday night citing unnamed U.S. officials as saying that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Kushner’s finances as part of the Russia probe. Discussing the story on MSNBC Friday morning, Scarborough accused Bannon of leaking that story to the press and later accused Reince Preibus of similarly leaking damaging information about Kushner. (RELATED: ‘Americans Should Be Skeptical’ — Rosenstein Blasts Anonymous Sources Ahead Of Damaging Kushner Leak)

“What’s interesting about this story though, and we were talking about this before, I told you that several months ago Steve Bannon told people close to him, friends, he didn’t need to worry about Jared Kushner because he was going to keep leaking Russian stories and that friends reported back to me and reporters reported back to me, I have nothing to worry about. Russia will finish Jared Kushner off. You asked a question, who leaked that story?” Scarborough said to Mark Halperin, before giving his answer to the question: “If Bannon had the information, Bannon leaked that story.”

“Jared Kushner’s biggest problem right now, he’s in a White House where Steve Bannon and a lot of other people are coming after him,” Scarborough added later.

“I’m saying they are all piling up, Reince is leaking on him all the time. Bannon is leaking on him all the time. there are four or five or six others. Reports come out about Jared Kushner, six or seven unnamed sources. So yeah, he’s in a difficult position and I personally think it would be wise for him to go back to New York.”