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POTUS Objectifies Older Woman By Commenting On Her Looks

Obama Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

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What kind of man reduces a woman to nothing more than a collection of body parts? What kind of man thinks it’s okay to give voice to his male gaze? What kind of man abuses his power to perpetuate rape culture? This kind of man.

David Jackson, USA Today (July 5, 2012):

President Obama ducked into Kozy Corners Family Restaurant in Oak Harbor [OH] this afternoon, ordering a burger and glad-handing patrons at the cash-only diner in the small town about 30 miles east of Toledo.

“Let me tell you — first of all — I love nurses,” Obama told a nurse named Kim Weis, who told the president she’s a grandmother.

“Can I tell you — you look great!” Obama said, announcing to others: “This is a good looking woman.”

That was during the 2012 campaign. If you don’t remember it, that’s probably because absolutely nobody cared.

In other news, earlier today President Trump told Brigitte Macron she looks great, and a lot of people are angry about it:

Let this be a lesson to us all: Complimenting a mature woman on her physical appearance is bad, unless a Democrat does it.