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How Do I Ghost?

How to ghost (YouTube screenshot/VapeChilla)

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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What is Ghosting? You may think of the timeworn tactic of breaking up with someone by abruptly cutting off all forms of communication. But Ghosting also has a specific meaning in the world of vaping. What is it? How does one do it? There are three steps to the “Ghost” – inhale, release and capture.

First, you inhale vapor. You need to vape it like a mouth to lung draw without inhaling it deeply into your lungs. Just keep the vapor in your mouth! The video below compares it to sucking liquid up through a straw and keeping the liquid in your mouth.

After the inhale, you take the vapor remaining in your mouth and “sort of push it out.” But, when releasing the vapor, it needs to be done in a very delicate manner. When releasing the vapor, you are not to actually exhale it. The precise way to release the vapor is to basically open your mouth and then slowly close it. This will release the vapor in the correct form. By closing your mouth slowly, it will release a thicker vapor that doesn’t spread out too much. There’s your Ghost!

After releasing the Ghost you want to capture it. I think this is the easiest part of this trick. There are two ways to capture it. Either very slowly or very quickly. This is the amount of time you wait after you release it to draw it back in. You simply inhale the vapor “Ghost” that you released, back into your mouth. If you want it to be slowly, you would need to keep your mouth open just a little and inhale it back in. If you choose the faster method, open your mouth wider and inhale it back in. That is how you Ghost. Simple enough, right?

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