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Anthony Weiner: It’s That Teenage Girl’s Fault

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Whenever I’m feeling down, I just remind myself of one important fact: I am not Anthony Weiner. How great is it to not be Anthony Weiner?

That wacky nutcase sure landed in it this time. Erica Orden, WSJ:

Lawyers for former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner described his “operatic self-destruction” in a filing Wednesday ahead of his sentencing for trading sexually explicit messages with a minor, saying the teenager had targeted him both for personal profit and “to influence the U.S. presidential election…”

According to Mr. Weiner’s attorneys, after his political career was extinguished by public revelations of repeated “sexting” with adult women, he was targeted by the teenager in early 2016.

The girl, then 15, was “looking to generate material for a book the Government has disclosed she is now shopping to publishers,” the memo says, stating that she was paid $30,000 in September 2016 to sell her story revealing Mr. Weiner’s messages to the Daily Mail, a British tabloid.

Ah yes, the Marion Barry defense: “The bitch set me up.”

Even if he was targeted, he sure made himself a hell of a target. He did what he’s charged with doing. He destroyed his career and his family, and his behavior was morally wrong. On the other hand, without him, Hillary Clinton might have been elected President of the United States. So he isn’t all bad.

Hell, Trump should pardon him next.

Never forget that when Weiner got caught, all the way back in 2011, the Democrats actually blamed Andrew Breitbart for reporting on it. If they’d had their way, Weiner would still be holding public office somewhere and doing the same crap. I’m glad they didn’t get away with blaming the messenger.

We miss you, Andrew. You were the best.