CNN Analyst Blasts Trump For Being Correct

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Liam Clancy Reporter
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CNN’s Chris Cillizza blasted Trump in an editorial Friday for jumping to conclusions after a bomb went off on a London Underground train Friday morning.

The blast injured 22 people, and a manhunt is still underway for the perpetrator. Reports indicate that the injuries were mostly minor, perhaps because the improvised device was poorly made.

Trump tweeted about the event early Friday morning.

According to British police, the attack is being investigated as a terror incident, but Cillizza doesn’t care that Trump was correct. Instead he attacked Trump’s “willingness to jump to conclusions.”

Cillizza compared Trump’s “both sides” statement on Charlottesville to his comments on terror attacks, condemning an alleged double-standard.

Cillizza went further to say the “both sides” narrative is incorrect, even though video evidence blatantly shows both white nationalists and antifa protesters engaging in violence using weapons and shields. (RELATED: We Got Behind The Lines Of White Supremacy In Charlottesville. Here’s What We Saw)

Cillizza refers to Trump’s actions as “selective outrage,” a term just as fitting for CNN.