CNN Rolls Out Their Obama Alumni To Attack Trump’s Speech [VIDEO]

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Immediately following President Trump’s speech at the United Nations, CNN rolled out two former Obama administration officials who now work at the network to attack Trump’s speech.

Both national security reporter Jim Sciutto — a former Obama appointee — and analyst John Kirby — a former State Department spokesman whose job it was to defend the Iran deal during the Obama years  — attacked Trump’s speech.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer declined to inform CNN’s viewers of Sciutto’s previous tenure in the Obama administration, presenting him as an objective reporter on Trump’s speech, in which the president attacked the Iran deal — one of the defining pillars of Obama’s legacy — as a national embarrassment.

If Trump pulls out of the Iran deal, “you could say it would have an effect on any potential to negotiate with North Korea if that’s what you want to do,” Sciutto argued.

“If you want to bring North Korea to the bargaining table how do you do that if you withdraw from the previous international attempt at a nuclear freeze with a developing nuclear power?”

Sciutto’s argument is in line with the narrative being pushed in the media by other former Obama officials, namely Ben Rhodes, who infamously created an “echo chamber” to sell the Iran deal in the media.


CNN also had Ret. Rear Admiral John Kirby on to break down Trump’s speech for their viewers.

Blitzer introduced Kirby — now a CNN analyst — as a former Pentagon and State Department spokesman, but left out in which administration Kirby served. Also left out was just how closely Kirby was involved selling the Iran deal, which Trump vigorously attacked Tuesday, to the public back in 2015.

Kirby served as State Department spokesperson from 2015 — when the Obama administration first implemented the Iran deal — through the end of the Obama administration. Just one year ago, part of Kirby’s job as State Department was to persuade the public that the Obama administration’s transfer of $400 million to the Iranians as part of the nuclear deal was not a ransom payment. (RELATED: US Wouldn’t Let Iran Take $400 Million Til Prisoners Released)

Kirby trashed Trump’s speech on Tuesday as a “sermon” and said that Trump “wasn’t a president” during his speech at the UN.

“Look, this wasn’t a speech, this was a sermon and he wasn’t a president, he was a preacher up there giving his dark world view about threats and conflict,” Kirby said.

“This was a speech about conflict around the world, not a speech about cooperation and that’s a shame because of all the places you can give a speech about collective security and mutual cooperation and respect, it’s at the UN and I think he missed a huge opportunity.”

CNN’s chyron described Kirby as a “CNN military and diplomatic analyst.”