‘Breaking Our Laws Is Now A ‘Great Thing” — Tucker Shreds Pelosi For Praising Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

Peter Hasson Senior Reporter

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson ripped into House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday after she praised the families of DREAMers as doing a “great thing” for the country by illegally bringing their children into the United States.

“Their families did a great thing for our country, bringing these kids here who are working, who are in the military, who are in school, who are a brilliant part of our future,” Pelosi said at a press conference earlier on Wednesday. (RELATED: ‘Stop It!’ — Pelosi Battles Pro-Amnesty Demonstrators At DREAM Act Event)

“Breaking our laws is now a great thing, says one of our country’s chief lawmakers. People who ignore the legislation Congress writes, should be congratulated for it, says one of Congress’ top leaders,” Carlson said, noting the contradiction of lawmakers encouraging lawbreaking.

“That’s more than perverse. This is what it looks like when the people in charge of a country decide to destroy it. Their motive? it’s always the same, political power. They lost it, they want it back — even if it means hurting the people they are sworn to protect. Democrats alienated the middle of the country during the Obama years but they have no plans to convince those voters to return,” he continued. (RELATED: Soros-Funded Activists Demand Democrats Oppose Border Security At Any Cost)

“Instead, they plan to replace them with new and more reliable voters from abroad and damn the consequences for the rest of us. That’s why they are far more upset about DACA than they are about the opioid crisis. That’s why they care more about preventing a border wall than they do about raising the wages of American workers. It’s not complicated. What’s amazing is they are now saying it out loud.”