Ray Lewis Took Two Knees For The Anthem Because That’s What Jesus Would Do

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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Ray Lewis has been against the national anthem protest from the start, but he dropped to two knees ahead of the Baltimore Ravens game on Sunday because he thinks that’s what Jesus would do.

The former Ravens star has been extremely outspoken against Colin Kaepernick’s protest over the past year and was even involved in the vetting process when the the team considering signing the controversial quarterback. Lewis joined “First Things First” on Wednesday morning to explain his decision to kneel on both knees last Sunday.

And he explained it only like Ray Lewis can.


“I’m a teammate. I’m a brother. It just so happens I’m not playing that game anymore,” Lewis stated. “So the comments that Trump made, or whatever this guy makes, nah I’m not offended by that because I’m not the one that’s doing all that,” referring to the national anthem protest.

“So what does a leader do? What does a leader do? A leader leads,” he continued. “I looked at these young babies and I said I gotta do something that only God will understand. And I asked myself what would Jesus do in a time of this chaos? And I took both knees.”

Not sure why Lewis even had to explain himself here. After all, the Ravens game — which was played in London — did take place early Sunday morning. As far as I’m concerned Lewis probably thought he was at church.