John Kasich: If ‘Anti-Immigration’ GOP Can’t Be ‘Fixed,’ Then I’m Out [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Gov. John Kasich of Ohio said that he would leave the GOP if it isn’t “fixed,” citing “anti-immigration” and “anti-trade” views as being problematic Sunday.


Kasich, talking to Jake Tapper on CNN, said, “…the party can be fixed. If the party can’t be fixed, Jake, I’m not going to be able to support the party, period, that’s the end of it.”

Tapper later asked, “What do you mean you’re going to give up on the party? Are you talking about possibly becoming an Independent if the Republican Party continues to…” to which Kasich interrupted him, saying, “No, not at this–what I’m saying to you is, we need to fix it.”

He continued, “If our party, if the Republican Party is going to be anti-immigration, if it’s not going to be worried about debt, if it’s going to be anti-trade–this is not where our party can be.” (RELATED: Boy Scout Kasich: Roy Moore’s Views ‘Ludicrous’ And ‘Divisive’)

“So I’m going to fight like everything I have to make sure–it’s why I’m on these shows. I want this party to be straightened out. I not only want the party to be straightened out, but I want the country to be straightened out,” Kasich added.

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