Married Twentysomething High School Teacher Traumatized Teen With Sex And Raunchy Selfies, Cops Say

Hunter Day mugshot/Canadian County Jail

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This week’s married high school teacher busted for traumatizing at least one male teen student with sex and raunchy selfies is Hunter Day.

Day, 22, is — or was, until the other day — a chemistry teacher at Yukon High School in the suburbs of Oklahoma City.

Police arrested Day on Wednesday after a successful sting operation involving a detective who used a mobile phone posing as a teen, reports The Oklahoman.

The investigation into the 22-year-old teacher’s alleged fling with the teen began after the teen’s parents called the police. They noticed a recent change in their son’s behavior, they said. Also, they found photos of a woman on his cell phone.

After an initial investigation, police detectives learned that the teen and Day had planned to meet for a second bout of sex trauma inside Day’s marital home.

And so the investigators decided to bust Day with the sting operation. Using the teen’s phone, a detective texted Day wondering if “the meeting was still on,” a police affidavit obtained by The Oklahoman states.

“Yes,” Day replied to the cops pretending to be the male teen. Also, “hurry up” because Day’s husband would be getting home from work soon.

Continuing via text, Day told the investigators that “the doors unlocked as usual” when they arrived.

Inside Day’s home, investigators found Day seated on the living room floor. She had set the mood by lighting some candles.

“Inside the living room, sitting on floor with the lights turned off in the living room, with candles lit was Hunter Day,” Canadian County Sheriff Chris West told Oklahoma City NBC affiliate KFOR-TV.

Also, the chemistry teacher was wearing revealing workout shorts and t-shirt featuring a cat wearing a Santa hat and licking a candy cane.

The Yukon school district hired Day to teach chemistry and science classes through a process in the state which allows for emergency teaching certificates.

“Yukon Public Schools were informed late Wednesday afternoon, November 15, that an employee of the district was arrested for engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a high school student,” Yukon Public Schools superintendent Jason Simeroth said in a statement obtained by KFOR.

“This behavior was representative of a very poor decision by a person entrusted with teaching our students,” Simeroth also said.

West, the sheriff, said Day admitted that she had sent the texts.

Day faces three criminal charges: second-degree rape, possession of child pornography and soliciting a minor using technology.

The exact age of the male teen is unclear.

Oklahoma is something of a hothouse for teacher-sex stories.

In 2016, for example, 29-year-old high school English teacher Katie Wilmott was arrested on charges of having Christmas break sex with a 17-year-old male teenager. (RELATED: Married Female Teacher Traumatized 17-Year-Old Male Teen With Festive Holiday Sex Romp, Cops Say)

Also in 2016, fiftysomething female high school teacher Sandra Mayfield faced a preliminary hearing for allegedly providing oral sex to a 17-year-old male teen during a big night on the town. (RELATED: Cops: 51-YEAR-OLD Female Teacher Traumatized 17-Year-Old Male Student With Oral Sex Romp)

In 2015, Daresa Deann Poe, a 32-year-old home economics teacher at Waynoka High School was busted for having sex with a male student — twice — right there in the teachers’ lounge. (RELATED: Female Teacher Victimizes Male High Schooler With Teachers’ Lounge Sex Trauma)

In 2014, Kalyn Thompson, a first-year high school English teacher at tiny Kellyville High School, was charged with second-degree rape for allegedly having a series of sexual escapades with one of her male students. Police say that Thompson gave the unidentified student a stellar, 98-percent, straight ‘A’ grade after their relationship took off. He had been flunking English just the semester before. (RELATED: Cops Say Rural Oklahoma Teacher Gave Flunking Student 98 Percent After A Bunch Of Sex)

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