Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag: Where Does It End After Matt Lauer?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s the end of the week here at The Daily Caller and that means it’s time for my Friday Mailbag.

Let’s dive right into the questions.

Matt Lauer is the latest man to go down the hole after allegedly abusing women. Is this ever going to end?

I’ve been saying for weeks that this is going to get worse long before it gets better, and I still believe it will get worse.

There’s no way he is the last man to fall. Look how influential he was, and it didn’t protect him at all. That’s a sign that the gates are continuing to fall. Bet every dollar you have there will be more to fall. I guarantee it.

Also, having a secret button to lock your door from your desk is really strange. It’s pretty much straight up out of a spy thriller or a James Bond movie.

Innocent until proven guilty used to be the standard in this country. I’m glad bad people are being exposed, but aren’t we playing a dangerous game when people can be fired off accusations? Don’t the courts still have a role?

This is a great question. First, innocent until proven guilty is the standard in court, and it should be. I don’t want to live in a country where it’s guilty until proven innocent. Screw that.

However, that doesn’t apply to the workplace most of the time. Getting fired isn’t the same as going to prison. A private company can do just about whatever it wants, as it should be.

I do think there are a few problems with our current climate. One of them is the idea of anonymous accusations. That’s not good. Being able to sling accusations from behind a curtain is really unfair to whoever is being accused. We shouldn’t rush towards that being the standard. Nothing good will come from that.

How foolish will you feel when Ohio State beats Wisconsin? Go Buckeyes go!

How foolish will you feel when a unicorn walks through your front yard? Those two scenarios have about the same level of reality to them.

Wisconsin isn’t losing that game. It’s not going to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game isn’t even close. On the other hand, I do feel kind of sad the season is almost over. It came and went in a flash.

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