Jimmy Kimmel Silent After Trump Signs CHIP Funding

Getty Images/Kevin Winter.

It looks like Jimmy Kimmel finally got the funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program that he was hoping for, but he has yet to thank the people who made it happen.

Despite dedicating seemingly endless airtime pleading for Republicans to fund CHIP, the late night comedian was silent about it Monday night hours after Trump signed the bill extending its funding for six years. (RELATED: Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off On Health Care AGAIN In Opening Monologue)

However he did make time to address the end of the brief government shutdown with a skit featuring a drunk “White House Spokespuppet” Kellyanne Conway.

A few months ago, Kimmel joined the healthcare reform debate by repeatedly lambasting lawmakers for depriving CHIP of necessary funding. Kimmel’s newborn son had recently undergone heart surgery, making it a particularly emotional debate for him and one that he continued to participate in for months.

Last week, before the government shutdown began, Kimmel criticized Republicans for lumping CHIP into their spending bill and using it as a political bargaining tool. But now that a bill has been passed by both Republicans and Democrats achieving exactly what Kimmel was pleading for, the comedian has gone silent on the issue.

Perhaps there just wasn’t enough time for Kimmel to deliver the pathetic attack on Kellyanne Conway and thank the Senate, the House and the President for the funding he so desperately wanted for CHIP. But there’s always the next night right? We’ll just have to wait and see what angle Kimmel takes on Tuesday.