Ted Cruz Calls Out Hollywood Groupthink: It’s ‘A Messed Up Scenario’

REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Jena Greene Reporter
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Ted Cruz commented this week on he felt about the entertainment industry’s relationship with politics. Although he confessed he didn’t know much about Sunday’s Grammy Awards, he definitely had opinions on Hollywood’s alliance with the Democrat party.

“There are actually a surprising number [of Republicans in Hollywood] but they’re afraid to speak out,” he told a TMZ reporter. “I’ll tell you I spoke several years ago at Friends Of Abe, a group of conservatives in Hollywood, and I’ve never seen people so afraid of being caught. They literally would not allow any photographs or any videos, because…if someone is lower down on the totem pole, they’d be blackballed and lose their career for it coming out that they’re conservative. I really think that’s a messed up scenario.”

When asked if the situation in Hollywood was as dire as he was making it out to be, Cruz doubled down.

“As I’ve said, I’ve never spoken to any other group where people are terrified, ‘Don’t take a picture of me because it could literally end my career,’ and it’s because Hollywood has this ideological intolerance that frankly isn’t right and is the opposite of what creative people who believe in the First Amendment should be doing.”

Most recently, singer Joy Villa sent shockwaves across the entertainment industry after she wore a pro-life dress to the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. Last year, she wore a pro-Trump dress and sent the entertainment industry reeling for months after.

Actress Suzanne Sommers agrees, she told reporters last week that she was happy with Trump but quickly added “and now my career is over.”

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