ABC News See Division And Racism In State Of The Union Speech [VIDEO]

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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The talking heads of ABC News were not impressed by President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address in their post-speech analysis.

“One thing’s pretty clear,” anchor and former Clinton administration official George Stephanopoulos said, “he did not unify that chamber tonight.”

Reporter Mary Bruce was very concerned about the so-called DREAMers, illegal aliens who were brought to the country as children, and how they took the speech. Bruce said, “you have to think about those dozens of DREAMers in the audience tonight. What they are thinking, as they hear the President talk about this, as they see the divisions there on the floor, concerned that they could face deportation come the beginning of March and what the DREAMers were thinking when they heard the president say that line that will likely be one of the most memorable moments of the speeches, when he said ‘Americans are dreamers too.'”

Liberal ABC commentator Matthew Dowd complained “if the president had met with me after the speech, I would say to him, well, that was how not to give a unifying speech. So, let’s going back and give a unifying speech. As everybody has mentioned, he mentioned ObamaCare — ending ObamaCare? Divisive. Mention the tax cuts? Divisive. Mentioned a whole riff on immigration? Divisive. And the National Anthem? Divisive. Calling this a healing speech is almost like calling, going on a diet by drinking a Diet Coke and eating a pizza. That’s as much of a healing speech this was.”

In response to the President’s line about Americans standing for the national anthem, reporter Cecilia Vega claimed Trump was “stoking” racism. Vega said the line was “sort of stoking, I think many would say, racial tensions by bringing up this issue out of kneeling during the National Anthem. The headline out of the speech, for me, George, though, is of course, is that ‘Americans are dreamers too.'”