Separate Yourself from All Smartphone Photographers With This Amazing Zoom Lens

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Smartphones get updated everyday. It seems like there’s always some crazy new update for our phones that we have to download or purchase. But as smartphones continue to advance, it seems like there’s one feature that always gets neglected: the camera lens zoom feature. Don’t settle for sub par zooms that lose the sharpness of the image. Get those far away pictures with crystal clear clarity by using the 8x Telephoto Smartphone Lens.

Normally $50, this removable smartphone lens is 74 percent off

Normally $50, this removable smartphone lens is 74 percent off

8x Telephoto Smartphone Lens on sale for $12.99

This clip-on lens captures clear images up to eight times closer without distortion. So now, you can snap that perfect photo of faraway mountain caps, the ocean horizon, and even the intricacies of plant and animal life right from your smartphone. All you have to do is clip the lens onto your smartphone, and twist the lens just like a normal camera until you get that zoom you need. It’s small, portable, and fits in any pants pocket. So next time you’re heading to that next outdoor camping trip, the Telephoto Smartphone Lens will be there for all your high-res, far-zoom photo needs for friends, family, and nature alike.

Get the 8x Telephoto Smartphone Lens for $12.99, a savings of 74 percent.

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