Velshi: Trump Attacking ‘Pillars Of Our Criminal Justice System’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Ali Velshi accused President Donald Trump of attacking the “pillars of our criminal justice system” by calling out potential bias in the FBI and DOJ.


President Trump has insisted over the past few days that the released Nunes memo about how the FBI got a FISA warrant for Carter Page exonerated him in the Russia probe.

“President Trump is escalating his attacks on the pillars of our criminal justice system,” Velshi said. “Let that sink in for a second.”

“Over the weekend, he accused the FBI and Justice Department of political bias before calling the Russia probe a, quote, you guessed it, witch hunt and an American disgrace,” he continued.

Velshi’s co-host Stephanie Ruhle took over the attacks on Trump, listing all of the times that Trump has criticized the FBI, including when he said the reputation of the FBI is “in tatters” and that they have a “double standard” in how they treat investigations.

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