CNN Compares Trump’s Military Parade Idea To North Korea

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Footage of a North Korean military parade was played on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” Tuesday during a discussion of Donald Trump’s request to have an American military parade.


Burnett asked, “Look, you have of course the North Korea parallels, the big military parades and the standing and applauding.”

“Is it fair to make that analogy?”

“I think it’s very fair. This is not something that we do,” CNN contributor Joan Walsh responded. “We also know that the president actually wanted there to be tanks and other military equipment during his Inaugural parade but was told the streets of Washington wouldn’t stand for it.”

This is in response to reports saying that Trump requested the Pentagon organize a military parade.

One military official told The Washington Post, “The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France.” (RELATED: Trump On North Korea Getting Nuclear Weapons: ‘They Get Closer Every Day’)

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