‘Fully Prepared To Defend Our Nations’ — Mike Pence Puts North Korea On Notice

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Vice President Mike Pence put North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un on notice Friday.

“All our allies are prepared.”


“President Trump and our allies in the region have agreed to delay our military exercises until after the olympics. President Moon has appreciated that.”

“We’re going to make it crystal clear, our military, and the Japanese self-defense forces, our allies here, all our allies are fully prepared to defend our nations and to take what action is necessary to defend our homeland.”

Pence is in PyeongChang, South Korea, for the Winter Olympics this weekend.

The Trump administration has repeatedly put pressure on North Korea in public statements. (RELATED: Trump To Kim Jong Un: My Nuclear Button Is Much Bigger Than Yours)

In January, Trump tweeted:

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