Rory McIlroy Reveals That Trump Is The Best President He’s Played Golf With

Left: Photo by Robert Perry/Getty Images) Right: NBC Sports Network screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Professional golfer Rory McIlroy said in an interview Friday that President Trump is the best president he’s played golf with, beating out former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.


Dan Patrick asked, “If you were going to have a Ryder cup team, and you get to pair. You want Clinton, Obama, or Trump? Golf wise.”

“Golf wise? I don’t think team cohesion would be very good,” McIlroy joked.

“In fairness, I think trump is probably the best golfer out of the three,” he also said.

McIlroy golfed with President Trump in February 2017 and received backlash from many who thought that he shouldn’t play with the president for political reasons. (RELATED: Rory McIlroy is Catching A Lot Of Heat For Playing Golf With Donald Trump)

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