WATCH: Ted Cruz Cracks Naughty Joke About Bill And Hillary

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz cracked a naughty joke Thursday about Bill and Hillary Clinton at CPAC Thursday.

“I am going to get in trouble for that one.”


“You can’t afford health insurance because premiums have skyrocketed, and to add insult to injury, the IRS comes along and fines you,” Cruz said.

“It’s what led Bill Clinton to call Obamacare one of the craziest things in the world. About the only time I ever agreed with Bill Clinton…well, other than about Hillary.”

“I’m going to get in trouble for that one,” he added.

This wasn’t the only barb Cruz threw during his talk at CPAC. He also went after CNN host Chris Cuomo, saying, “You know, I’m quite certain, in the history of the universe, nobody has ever been afraid of Chris Cuomo.” (RELATED: Ted Cruz Slams CNN — ‘Nobody Has Ever Been Afraid Of Chris Cuomo’)

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