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‘Threatens The Entire Global Community’ — Rex Tillerson Calls Out North Korea

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called out North Korea Tuesday for threatening the “entire global community.”


“North Korea threatens the entire global community through its unlawful nuclear and ballistic missiles programs and proliferation activities, including its arms exports to Africa. It doesn’t just involve our allies in Europe or Asia,” Tillerson said. “It doesn’t just include countries with longstanding ties with countries like China and Russia. This is and must be a global effort.”

President Trump also went after North Korea Tuesday, saying, “We had very great dialogue. You’ve heard that before.”

“So far whether you look at the Clinton administration or the Bush Administration or the Obama Administration, it never worked out. That was the time to have settled this problem. Not now. But we’re settling it. We’re going to do something. One way or the other we have to do something. We cannot let that situation fester. We cannot let it happen.” (RELATED: Trump Slams Obama For Inaction On North Korea — Promises ‘We’re Prepared To Go Whichever Path Is Necessary’)

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