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This Mod Is Perfect If You Are Into Its Skull And Hat Design

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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SMOK’s S-Priv mod has a maximum output of 230 watts and is powered by two 18650 batteries. The S-Priv has a skull and hat design on its face-plate. The eyes of the skull are equipped with LED lights that have 12 different color settings. The up/down buttons can be found along the hat’s brim. The display screen has 6 different color settings to choose from. The fire bar runs lateral down the side of the mod.

The video below is a review of SMOK’s S-Priv. In the video, a reviewer demonstrates how the mod functions and provides his personal opinion of it. He observes some button rattle, which is always a downside. But, there is no battery rattle. He says it is very comfortable in his hand and finds it to be a pro that the fire bar is on the opposite side of the 510 connection. The whole skull and hat design depends on personal preferences; he doesn’t favor that type of design. As far as vaping quality, he has had no negatives issues with it. It fires up efficiently and draws just fine. He says the menu screen is very bright and can be easily read whether you are indoors or outdoors. He recommends the S-Priv, only if you like the skull and hat design.

Smok S-Priv is on sale for $45.50