‘Part Of The Reason It Happened Is You’ — Trump Just Pointed At American Workers And Thanked Them To Their Faces

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump thanked American workers in the Oval Office Thursday, telling them that he was elected because of them.

“Part of the reason it happened is you.”


“I’m delivering on a promise I made during the campaign and I’ve been making it for a good part of my life,” Trump said.

“I never really thought I would do this. I said let’s run for president and look what happened. Part of the reason it happened is you and my message having to do with you,” Trump said while pointing to a group of blue-collar workers who were visiting the White House.

“And other messages also. Security, military, the wall, the border. A lot of good messages. This is one of the most important.”

Trump signed new tariffs on steel and aluminum into law in the White House Thursday. (RELATED: Trump Signs Steel And Aluminum Tariffs Into Law — Excludes Canada And Mexico)

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