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Ben Shapiro Blasts Media Using Children As ‘Political Human Shields’ For Gun Control

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Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro slammed the establishment media for using children as “political human shields” to push gun control during a Wednesday appearance on Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

Shapiro began with a suggestion for students who have written him since the Parkland school shooting to say they are afraid to stand up for the Second Amendment because they don’t want to “look like a bad person.”

“Walk out with your friends and hold up signs that say things like ‘standing with children, standing with the Second Amendment’ or ‘protect our lives, arm law abiding people,'” Shapiro said.

The Daily Wire editor then lit into the media’s exploitation of children.

“[The media is] putting them in photo ops so they can essentially use them as political human shields,” Shapiro said. “Now listen, the kids can say whatever they want. That’s their prerogative, obviously, but it is the media that is choosing to elevate these kids as moral authorities even though tragedy and age don’t confer any sort of expertise on a given issue.”

When asked if there was any room for some gun control measures, Shapiro pointed out the “weird” argument of allowing children forbidden from buying weapons to essentially dictate public policy.

“If you can serve in the military at 18 and you can vote at 18 then what is the problem exactly with buying a gun, and at the same time there is a certain weird kind of argument that is being made that kids who are 17 should be making all the public policy but kids who are 17 are also not capable of buying a weapon. So, what is exactly the age of adulthood?”

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