Report: These States Are Most Dependent On The Gun Industry

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States across the nation rely on the billions of dollars brought in by gun sales, and WalletHub did an official roundup on which states depend on the industry more than others.

The study released Monday compares all 50 states using 16 different metrics, to discover which states rely most on the gun industry. The data include jobs in the gun industry, gun prevalence, and gun politics. The most dependent state on guns is Idaho. Maryland is ranked the least dependent.

Source: WalletHub
Here is a list of states most dependent on the gun industry:

1. Idaho

2. Montana

3. Alaska

4. South Dakota

5. Wyoming

6. Kentucky

7. Arkansas

8. Kansas

9. Oklahoma

10. North Dakota

11. Alabama

12. Missouri

13. West Virginia

14. Tennessee

15. South Carolina

16. Mississippi

17. Utah

18. North Carolina

19. Arizona

20. Indiana

21. Nebraska

22. Texas

23. Louisiana

24. Colorado

25. Pennsylvania

26. Wisconsin

27. Ohio

28. New Hampshire

29. Georgia

30. Maine

31. Minnesota

32. New Mexico

33. Vermont

34. Nevada

35. Iowa

36. Oregon

37. Virginia

38. Florida

39. Washington

40. Michigan

41. Illinois

42. California

43. Massachusetts

44. Connecticut

45. Hawaii

46. New York

47. Delaware

48. Rhode Island

49. New Jersey

50. Maryland

The study comes as students across the world walked out of their schools at 10 a.m. EST March 14 to protest gun violence and call for stricter gun laws, following the February shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school, where 17 people were killed.

The gun industry added 51 billion dollars to the economy and generated over 6.5 billion dollars in taxes throughout 2017.

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