Ben Shapiro Destroys Zuckerberg With Just One Tweet

Left: Youtube screenshot The Daily Wire / Right: Mark Zuckerberg, Youtube screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Ben Shapiro went after Facebook in a tweet Monday, slamming the company for throttling conservative news.

Shapiro isn’t the only one criticizing Facebook. The View’s Meghan McCain also went after the media coverage of the ongoing Cambridge Analytica “scandal” on Tuesday. (RELATED: Ben Shapiro Burns Jeff Flake — ‘Your Job At MSNBC Is Already Secure’)

McCain said, “I don’t completely understand the scandal now since this has been happening since 2012.”

“The Obama campaign did this brilliantly. They used micro-targeting and data mining.”

“So, the double standard I don’t understand right now is…it happened under Obama and it was lauded by the media as being genius, and now the Trump campaign did it and its a Cambridge Analytica scandal.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain: Obama Mined Data From Facebook Too)

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