Juan Williams Says Kanye Is ‘Not A Serious Person’ — Kimberly Guilfoyle Has The Perfect Response

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Juan Williams got an earful from Fox News co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle after saying Kanye West was “not a serious person” during a heated exchange on “The Five” about the rapper’s recent support of President Trump.

“He’s been called mentally ill,” said Jesse Watters. “He’s been called a sellout. He’s been called everything. They’ve been mocking him on late night. He doesn’t care though.”

Greg Gutfeld then brought up a tweet from Chance the Rapper about black people not having to be Democrats in a question directed at Williams. “Could you interpret that tweet to say he wants Democrats to improve their party, to not take us for granted?”

Williams agreed, but made the point that the “basis” of West’s friendship with President Trump was Trump being there when “he was addicted to opioids,” not anything of “substance.”

“He’s done nothing,” said Williams. “When it comes to substance, this guy has nothing. This is the guy in fact who said Cosby was innocent. This is the guy who condemned George W. Bush. You guys are suddenly flocking to him because it’s convenient but why you would take him seriously I have no idea.”

“Why wouldn’t you take him seriously?” Guilfoyle shot back.

“Because he’s not a serious person,” said Williams. “He’s a provocateur.”

“That’s your opinion, but he’s actually a serious businessman,” said Guilfoyle, defending West’s various business endeavors. “He’s hugely successful … and he’s entitled to have his opinion like anybody is. You’re trying to diminish him because he’s a singer, a rapper.”

The two then went into a heated back and forth about West’s credibility as a Trump supporter.

“I stick up for people’s rights to express themselves,” Guilfoyle concluded.

WATCH: (the segment begins around the 24 minute mark)

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