Meghan Markle: The (Very) Soon To Be Royal

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Mary Peeples Contributor
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There are mixed opinions when it comes to Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry.

Nevertheless, the Hollywood actress is scheduled to become a Royal in less than two weeks.

The buzz surrounding their initial engagement has subsided, but the public is now more interested in how she is going to handle the stringent expectations that come with entering such a historic family.

For most people, it would be daunting.

Many think that Markle is handling it with grace while some question her social agenda. She’s already made it clear that her unique background is not something she wants to hide, but she is willing to roll with the punches when it comes to integrating into this tight knit family.

It is interesting to watch, as trivial as it may sound, to see how she might mix her untraditional presence with a family of the most traditional makeup. As she breaks into the new role of a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, decides not to appoint a Maid of Honor, and incorporates the legacy of Princess Diana, her new life is under a microscope, but there isn’t much room to critique.

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Are those that critique jealous because she is living the dream of the American Princess? I know that I have my own opinion, and Prince Harry might have his, which is probably much more valuable than mine, but let’s gather some numbers to see what people really think of the upcoming nuptials.

It is one thing to dress someone up as a royal, yet it is an entirely other feat to run alongside Kate Middleton. Can she pull it off?