Liberal Darling Samantha Bee Praised Schneiderman 6 Months Ago, Now Curses Him

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Samantha Bee is one of the liberal media’s favorite comedians, with her rabidly anti-Trump monologues routinely written up after each is delivered. As an activist comedian, Bee embraces all things anti-Trump, including now former New York Attorney General Eric Schniderman.

However, since the allegations of violence against several ex-girlfriends forced Schneiderman to resign, Bee and her show are less than proud of their past love affair with the disgraced Democrat.

On the one-year anniversary of the election of Donald Trump, Bee interviewed Schneiderman for a fawning five-minute segment in which she referred to the AG suing the Trump administration for any number of liberal causes as a “hero.”

“Are you gonna lead us out of the darkness?” Bee asked.

When the darkness was discovered to live within Schneiderman, Bee and her team at “Full Frontal” suddenly lost their love.

On May 5, just two days before his fall, Schneiderman tweeted about “comic book day” using graphics that Bee used in her interview to portray him as a super hero.

Schneiderman then gave credit where it was due, tweeting:

Once the allegations of abuse went public, the “Full Frontal” team was no longer in love and demanded the tweets be deleted.