Rand Paul Says Republicans Are Just As Bad As Democrats When It Comes To Deficits [VIDEO]

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Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul slammed conservatives for ignoring budget deficits and said they’re just as bad as Democrats when it comes to fiscal policy.

Congress could balance the budget in five years if they followed a system of budget caps and instituted a balanced budget amendment, Paul said Wednesday on “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” (RELATED: Rand Paul Says Congressional Votes Are Rigged)

“If you do the math on it, and you re-institute the budget caps, which saves about $100 billion, you actually do balance in about five years,” Paul said. “The bottom line for me is every Republican in Congress says they’re for the balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. It would balance the budget in five years. And yet, very few of these Republicans will actually vote for my budget because there’s kind of a disconnect. They want to symbolically be for a balanced budget, but they don’t want to actually do the painful vote of actually doing the cutting of spending that it would take.”


Paul was elected in 2010 because of his promise to be fiscally disciplined, he said and thinks the GOP needs to step up and hold their own party accountable.

“You know, I got elected in 2010 because I complained about President Obama’s spending and his big deficits that he was having — trillion dollar annual deficits. Guess what? Republicans are doing the same,” he concluded. “But I’m still complaining, and I’m still voting now against the Republican spending and the Republican deficits. And I think what people want is a consistent voice who’s not just opposed to deficits when they are Democrat but opposed to deficits because they’re bad for the country.”

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