CNN And MSNBC Skip Trump’s Roundtable On MS-13

President Donald Trump Via. Getty Images-- CNN Logo Via. Shutterstock

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

CNN and MSNBC opted not to cover President Donald Trump’s Wednesday roundtable on immigration and MS-13.

The president met with acting ICE director Thomas Homan, Department of Homeland Security director Kristjen Nielsen, and other members of the administration to discuss the threat of the MS-13 gang. (RELATED: ICE’s Homan: ‘Animals Kill For Survival, MS-13 Kills For Sport’)

Fox News carried Trump’s opening remarks at the event and then turned away to cover other stories about 15 minutes past the start of the roundtable.

However, CNN and MSNBC chose not to show any of the roundtable. CNN didn’t even report on any of the remarks from the roundtable, although MSNBC did briefly mention them in a chyron.

CNN instead chose to cover Jared Kushner’s security clearance being restored, Steve Bannon’s remarks about MLK Jr. and Trump, Mueller preparing to sentence George Papadopoulos, a 30-year-old man being evicted from his parents’ home, Van Jones’ work with Trump on prison reform, Trump’s allegations that the FBI spied on him, Kim Jong Un reportedly being afraid of an ambush if he meets with Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo defending the CIA and the NFL discussing a proposal for punishing players who kneel for the anthem.

MSNBC covered Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defending the Department of Justice, Kushner’s security clearance being restored, Michael Cohen’s business partner agreeing to cooperate with the government, the Georgia gubernatorial race and Trump’s allegations that the government spied on him.

The entire roundtable lasted for just about an hour, but apparently neither CNN or MSNBC could find time to give it some coverage.

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