WATCH: Tucker Exposes Joy Reid’s Old Blog Posts

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported Wednesday that old posts from Joy Reid’s blog show the now-MSNBC host’s was once very different from her current progressive persona.


“We just found an amazing series of old blog posts that as far as we can tell, have received basically no media attention,” The Daily Caller co-founder said.

“The person who wrote them looks in retrospect like a prophet calling for America First policies at least a decade before Donald Trump entered politics. In the days after Hurricane Katrina for example, the blogger in question suggested that native-born Americans, not ‘low-paid Mexican workers,’ ought to rebuild the City of New Orleans. In 2006, the blogger said this about her television viewing habits, ‘I love Lou Dobbs. His show has become required viewing around my house.'” (RELATED: ‘I Hate To Inject Common Sense Into This…’ — Tucker Embarrasses Dem Who Claims To Have Evidence Of Collusion)

“Flying the Mexican flag on U.S. soil strikes me as incredibly presumptuous and insulting to the U.S.” Reid reportedly wrote.

“Tagging the other side [Republicans] as the party of whitey may sound just like the way to get these [minority] voters back, but it so misses the point,” Reid also reportedly wrote. (RELATED: ‘Talk About Blaming The Victim’ — Tucker Uses Jorge Ramos’ Own Logic On Him, And Ramos Hates It)

Some of Reid’s old blog posts have been archived and can be read here:

Si no podemos (or, don’t mess with Dobbs)

Who should rebuild New Orleans?

Immigration 101: Show me the money

The flag bearers

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