Clinton Press Sec On Sarah Sanders: ‘She Doesn’t Have Any Usefulness Now’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart, who served with the Clinton administration from 1998-2000, told CNN on Tuesday that it was time for Sarah Huckabee Sanders to go. He said, “She doesn’t have any usefulness now.”

Lockhart, appearing on CNN’s New Day, was discussing with host Alisyn Camerota the discrepancy between statements released about the now infamous Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr and a confidential letter sent by the president’s legal team to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Lockhart conceded that Sanders may not have been party to the meeting on Air Force One, but claimed that it was impossible to believe that she was not aware that her statements had been misleading.

“So I think yesterday was a watershed moment for her, she doesn’t have any usefulness now. She either can’t trust the president and her colleagues, or she can’t tell the truth. She has to remember, she doesn’t work just for the president, she works for all of us. She needs to figure out that it is time to go.”

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Concluding that there was really no way for Sanders to carry on after this, Lockhart said, “If you’re being lied to constantly and your credibility means something to you, you’ve got to make a change. Or if it doesn’t, and you’re okay with lying, then you’re not serving the public.”