Michelle Wolf Tells Her Viewers To Beware Of Attractive Women

(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Michelle Wolf just couldn’t resist sticking her hand in the political cookie jar during a recent interview with The Daily Beast.

Unsurprisingly, the female comedian sided with her cohort Samantha Bee, who is still trying to regain her reputation after calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless c*nt” last month. (RELATED: Samantha Bee Loses Two-Thirds Of Advertisers After Profane Ivanka Insult)

While it’s not exactly a shock that Michelle Wolf took Samantha Bee’s side, some of her comments about the First Daughter still managed to raise a few eyebrows.

“I mean, Ivanka is part of the Trump administration,” Wolf explained. “She’s fair game. And she is useless. So I think it’s very fair to point out that she’s doing a terrible job.”

Unable to explain how Ivanka can be both dangerous and useless at the same time, Wolf pivoted to Ivanka’s appearance.

“She’s one of those worst kind of girls,” Wolf explained. “We’re all fooled by her because Eric and Don Jr. aren’t attractive, and then we pull that, ‘Well, she’s just a little girl! She’s just a pretty little girl.’ And that’s why you shouldn’t underestimate women: They’ll look like a pretty little girl and they’ll steal the children right out from under you.”

Not only does she sound jealous and petty, but Michelle Wolf also sounds incredibly confused. It doesn’t take a professional to determine that Ivanka is attractive and that women like Michelle Wolf and Samantha Bee are likely jealous of her because of this. But it may, in fact, take a professional to diagnose Michelle Wolf with whatever she’s suffering from.

The last time I checked, Ivanka Trump was neither a kidnapper nor in the midst of a custody battle. As far as we know, she has no record of stealing children nor of being dangerous. So these comments would either be unfounded or delusional. Perhaps they are a mixture of the two.

But best of luck to Michelle Wolf as she continues her attempt to surgically rip apart every female member of the Trump administration in the name of feminism.

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