FLASHBACK: Los Federales Took This American Woman’s Kids Away For Letting Them Walk Home Alone [VIDEO]


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Democrats and some Republicans are losing their minds because border officials are following the law by separating illegal immigrant families at the border, but state officials were also following the law when they investigated and found an American couple guilty of neglect for letting their kids walk home alone.

People are clamoring over the alleged mistreatment of illegal immigrant children, but a mother and father were investigated and found guilty of child neglect by Maryland Child Protective Services (MCPS) in 2015 when they let their kids walk home by themselves. MCPS told the Silver Spring parents their kids would be forced into foster homes unless they made a safety plan. Parents can’t leave kids under eight years home alone in Maryland.

The children were held in custody for approximately five hours before being released, USA Today reported.

No criminal charges were filed; however, the parents were found in violation of the law, irregardless of their “free-range parenting” philosophy. Likewise, federal law indicates that there is a “zero tolerance policy” concerning immigrants who illegally cross the border, meaning that there is no guarantee families will be kept together while they are detained before being granted asylum or deported.

Pictures of children in holdings cells and audio of kids weeping as they’re torn from their parents have been circulating throughout the news, alarming millions of Americans. The pictures that have been circulated showing children in cage-like enclosures are of a processing center in McAllen, Texas. The children stay there for 12 to 36 hours before immigration officials process them and transfer them to shelters. (RELATED: Obama Prosecuted Nearly Half A Million Illegals)

Those shelters are quite nice according to a number of reports and video showing children sleeping in clean beds, receiving food and water and even playing soccer at fields set up for the kids. Casa Padre shelter in Brownsville, Texas, gives children three meals a day and two snacks along with access to video games, pool tables and English classes, according to ABC News.


Child Protective Services can intervene when American parents let their kids walk home alone, just like border officials can enforce the laws at American borders.

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