MSNBC Anchor Chides Guest For Citing Fox News


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Craig Melvin attacked Fox News on Tuesday, telling a guest that she is not allowed to cite studies from Fox on his show.


Julia Shearson, the executive director for the Cleveland branch of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), joined Melvin on Tuesday to discuss the  Supreme Court’s upholding of President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Shearson argued that the travel ban was clearly targeting Muslims because multiple studies found that it would reduce immigration from the Muslim world. To further drive her point home, she cited a study from Fox News.

“It’s clear to everyone that this Muslim ban, or this proclamation, was clearly intended to reduce immigration from the Muslim countries. Fox News has actually said that it would reduce immigration from the Muslim world by 21 percent. So this is clearly a problem.”

Melvin was not thrilled with Shearson citing a competitor and immediately explained that MSNBC never uses studies from “that particular network.”

“For future reference, Julia, we don’t usually go citing numbers from that particular network here on the broadcast, but we’ll let you go since you’re a new guest to the show,” Melvin said condescendingly.

Shearson didn’t apologize for citing Fox.

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