Whataburger Officially Responds To MAGA Hat Thief Who Harassed Teen In Its Restaurant

Benny Johnson | Columnist, Viral Politics

Kino Jimenez may have lost his eating privileges at beloved Texas burger chain Whataburger after stealing a teenager’s Make America Great Again hat at the restaurant on the Fourth of July.

Hunter Richard, 16, entered his local Whataburger restaurant on the holiday to get a late-night snack with friends.

Kino Jimenez, 30, stole the teen’s hat, saying, “This is gonna go right in my f**king fireplace, b*tch.”

Jimenez threw a drink in the tens face while yelling, “You ain’t supporting s**t, n*****.”

He has since been charged with felony theft, lost his job over the incident, and lost his position inside his political party, the Green Party of Texas.


Bexar County Sheriff

Whataburger Corporate Communications responded to the Daily Caller saying they were “shocked” with the actions of Jimenez and they “don’t condone” the behavior.

“We were shocked to see this video and certainly don’t condone this type of customer behavior in our restaurants,” the statement read, “To be clear, no Whataburger employees were involved or witnessed the incident, and we ask that questions be directed to San Antonio PD as we continue supporting their efforts.”

President Trump’s son has asked for the address of Richard to send him a MAGA hat signed by Trump himself.

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