VOTE: Who Is The Most Annoying CNN Personality?

Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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CNN’s ratings are bad. REALLY bad. How bad is REALLY bad? People would literally rather watch paint dry and Spongebob Squarepants. (RELATED: CNN Loses In Quarterly Ratings To Home And Garden Television)

President Trump’s biggest contribution to this country, setting aside the tax cuts, Supreme Court nominees and his impeccable hair, has been calling out CNN for its abysmal journalistic practices.


Some CNN hosts are tolerable. Some may even say “hot.” (RELATED: Who Is The Hottest Liberal?)

But unfortunately, most of them aren’t. Below is a list of some of the whiniest, most sanctimonious and delusional people with television shows.

Just remember: All CNN presents to its viewers are apples.

Here you can vote for “The Most Annoying CNN Personalities.” Making the cut are Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Van Jones, Adam Schiff, Jim Acosta and Jake Tapper.

Did we miss a particularly annoying CNN personality? Comment the person that annoys you the most below.