Barack And Michelle Obama Spotted At Jay-Z, Beyonce Concert


Justin Caruso Contributor
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Former President Barack Obama was spotted this weekend at a Jay-Z/Beyonce concert in Washington, D.C., on Sunday night.


The dancing was a little awkward, although I guess that’s normal for the 56-year-old Obama.

Given some of Jay-Z’s lyrics, we’re a bit surprised to see Obama, the self-described “feminist” president, jam out to his music.

During a rally in May, President Trump poked at Hillary Clinton for using Jay-Z to campaign in 2016.

Trump joked, “The only way [Hillary] filled up the arena was to get Jay-Z.”

“And his language was so filthy that it made me, like, the most clean-cut human being on Earth,” Trump continued. “He would stand up there before those crowds — and, by the way, without any musical instruments, I had much bigger crowds than he was drawing,” he continued.

“But, he’d stand up before those crowds and he would use the ‘F-word’ and Hillary would sit back— ‘hey, oh, I’m in trouble. I’m in trouble. Please don’t have him use that kind of language anymore’ — and then he would finish and everybody would leave. And she would be standing up, making a speech to 400 people.” (RELATED: WATCH: TRUMP ROASTS HILLARY-SUPPORTING RAPPER JAY-Z)

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