Joy Behar: God Forbid Trump ‘Lives Another 20 Years’ [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar called President Donald Trump a “sociopath” and said “God forbid” he “lives another 20 years.”

The comments came Wednesday during a panel discussion on “The View” over Trump’s statement crediting his administration’s response in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria last year.

Sunny Hostin accused the president of not caring about “Puerto Ricans.” Joy Behar then brought up Bob Woodwards’ book “Fear” and claimed the president was “incapable of telling the truth.”


“You realize people need to understand Bob Woodward’s book ‘Fear.’ The main thing he comes away with is that [Trump] is incapable of telling the truth,” Behar said. “This is a lie. Everything is a lie every single day. His administration, people who work with him — they cannot reason with him.”

“He never backtracks,” she added. “He never says ‘OK’; [he] says, ‘I’m changing my mind.’ They show him the facts. He disputes it. He lies. He’s a sociopath, I’m telling you.”

Abbby Huntsman responded that she wanted to think of the big picture on the hurricane relief efforts and credited all the “men and women on the ships” that were going out on in dangerous places to help people.

“It’s dangerous, I think, to paint a broad stroke or brush across all the people that were trying to help and were there doing their job,” Huntsman said. “And there were a lot of people in this country that were there to save lives.”

“Unfortunately the real power is in the presidency and that’s what it is,” Behar responded. “He’s the one who calls the shots so he has to take the blame. George W. [Bush] sort of apologized and said you know he didn’t do the right — he had to.”

“This man will never apologize,” she added.  “If he lives another 20 years, god forbid. Not God forbid. If he lives another 20 years. Well, he could be like 105 by the time he..you know we’ve got him for the next. He will never ever backtrack or tell the truth this guy.”

The show then went to commercial break and Behar immediately apologized for her comment and said she didn’t “wish the president ill.”


“Let me clarify something. The last segment,” Behar shared. “I don’t wish the president ill, I really don’t. I just want him out. I mean sometimes I hear him say things like, ‘I think I could be president for life’ and it’s like, ‘No’! It’s really about that. I would never say something — I didn’t mean that, what I said.”

Update:  The original article stated that Hostin accused “the president of not caring that people died.” It has since been corrected to show that “The View” host said she didn’t think the president cared about “Puerto Ricans.”