Two Former Kavanaugh Girlfriends Refute Claims That The 65 Women Who Supported Him No Longer Do

Mike Brest Reporter
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Two former girlfriends of Brett Kavanaugh appeared on “The Story With Martha MacCallum Monday night.” They supported him, debunking the narrative that the women who signed a letter earlier this week attesting to Kavanaugh’s character no longer stand by him after his accuser went public earlier this week.


“In terms of the letter that you signed, there is a lot of buzz today about the fact that so far you are the only two who want to step forward and stand by the letter that you wrote. What can you say about that? Let me start with you Maura Fitzgerald,” MacCallum asked.

“That is actually not true. I have seen a lot of that in the media. But of all the girls that I have been in touch with about the letter who have signed the letter, they stand by it. They have been trying to avoid the calls from the media but they do stand by the letter,” Maura Fitzgerald stated. (RELATED: Two Of Brett Kavanaugh’s Ex-Girlfriends Stand By Him)

Maura Kane agreed saying, “Yes, the very same. Everyone stands by the letter. They are just not going out into the media and being so — we put it out there and everyone is supporting Brett. But following that, no one is retracting their support. They are just avoiding the media frenzy.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley released a letter earlier this week that was signed by 65 women who say they knew Kavanaugh in high school. They supported him. (RELATED: 65 Women From Kavanaugh’s High School Years Defend Judge In Letter To Senate)

At the time of the letter, the accuser was still anonymous. Now though, Politico reporter Daniel Lippman tweeted that “only TWO said they still stood by him,” despite the fact that Fitzgerald and Kane dispute that claim.

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